1. Outside In

From the recording Summer In Rhode Island

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People come to a life of faith in various ways and through all kinds of situations and circumstances. One thing is certain, no matter how you get there, you will experience doubts and struggles that will weigh heavily on you. You can get to the point where life is just beating you up and you lack joy and peace. That's right where I found myself when I wrote this song. I realized that I had to find a way to allow myself to be guided by inner peace and joy that helped me to transcend the situations and circumstances that robbed me of that very peace and joy. In other words, to live from the Inside Out...


Outside In
(Words and Music by Charlie Nault)

Lord I’ve been livin’ from the outside in
Allowing this life to drag me down again
There is no hope in the way I’ve been feelin’
The cares of this world, Lord they set my mind reeling
I said the cares of this world Lord they set my mind reeling

So I’m down on my knees
Beggin’ for You to send me Your Spirit
And do what You do
God please send me Your Spirit, and do what You do

You know it’s hard to believe that I’m back here again
Wrestlin’ with heartache, loneliness and sin
Where is the Joy in a life lived for You
When I cling to control of everything I do
God I cling to control of everything I do…


Do what You do inside of me
Making me whole and setting me free
To live my life from the inside out
Led by your Spirit Free from all doubt
Lord let me be, led by your Spirit and free from all doubt

Lord I’ll be living
From the inside out
Let by Your Spirit
Free from all doubt….