From the recording Summer In Rhode Island

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If you've ever played a gig in a place where the patrons are just coming and going, carry on their conversations, and just not really paying much attention to what you're playing, you know where this song came from. Then there was the girl with far away eyes.....


You Made My Day
(Words and Music by Charlie Nault)

I couldn’t help but notice you there all alone
Closing your eyes and singing each word of my songs
Sometimes I wonder if anyone hears what I play
So on this break, girl I’ve gottta tell you that,
You Made My Day

Thanks but I prefer coffee
No I don’t drink anymore
‘cause booze split my family and shook my world to the core
But enough about me, I’d rather hear about you if I may
‘cause I can’t remember when someone as lovely as,
You Made My Day

Hey now don’t be embarrassed, it’s ok to cry
There’ve been times I survived
when I was sure I would die
Whatever it is it will all be ok
And I’ll be here singing, when you need to get away

Oh it’s the least I can do
‘cause You Made My Day
Break’s over, girl this one’s for you
‘cause You Made My Day

I couldn’t help
But notice you there
All alone….